Jill and Heidi

Jill Campbell and Heidi Blais are integral members of AcroYoga Montreal and have been co-teaching annual AYMTL teacher trainings since 2011 and 2012 respectively. They love to guide practitioners into experiences of alignment, ease, balance and creativity. Grounded in practicality, filled with humour, and technically meticulous, their teachings emphasize human connection for a life-long practice.


Millissa and Devon

Millissa and Devon have been working and creating together for the past 6 years. It is the love of Acro and the connection it brings that keeps them. It  is rooted in the self expression and the creativity it fosters in all AcroYogis, from beginner to advanced. For Millissa + Devon,, the cherry on top is the strength and delicacy required in this beautiful and creative practice. 

Danya Blabla

Liz and Ariel

Liz and Ariel began their acrobatics partnership in 2009; dare we say it was love at first flight? They have trained extensively with world renowned coaches over their years of practice together and have been teaching together since 2011 in the Bay Area and in festivals throughout the US. In 2017 they founded Precision Acrobatics to share their teaching in a more structured format.

Precision Acrobatics is committed to providing a training space that reflects their values of communication, trust, inclusivity, and accountability.


Kimo and Bryan

Kimo Frederiksen is a human of many talents. Such talents range from the expert coffee maker, master of sass, and something that has been coined only as a “Fart Machine.” In addition to the aforementioned talents, Kimo is one of the kindest, most inclusive, and most passionate people you will ever meet. 


Christine and Micah

Christine co-founded LIFT School of Acrobatics, is a Coach at Pitch Catch Circus, and an RYT 200 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Iowa. She began studying dance & tumbling and teaching at an early age and competed throughout the country in all disciplines earning numerous accolades & awards.

Danya Blabla

Jessica and Tavis

Jess and Tavis have a calm, clear, structured, and organized way of teaching and offering safe progressions, discussion about key technique components, considerations and modifications for different body types and skill levels, and gentle, supportive coaching and guidance to help hard, big and scary tricks become much more achievable. The part they love most is helping people achieve something they thought they never could.


Byron and Mel

Byron came into contact with Acroyoga in the spring of 2014 and has maintained a regular practice ever since.  He completed his first Acroyoga Montreal teacher training 2016 and has been teaching at the VIVAcroyoga festival since 2017. 

Mel has guided people from all walks of life in unleashing their essence and well-being through guided workshops & ceremonies, ecstatic shake practices, movement/dance, and play; all the while focusing on cultivating inner consciousness. She celebrates vulnerability, empowerment, truth, body awareness, and the power of radical self-love.


Joey and Mylène

Joey Stafford-Abbott is a level 2 AcroYoga Montreal instructor and a professor at Vanier College. Driven by helping folks to live healthier lives, he takes pride in teaching AcroYoga to beginners.

Mylène likes to move, laugh and connect. She’s at her happiest bringing people together through movement, whether that be yoga, acroyoga, Thai massage or spinning classes. After her studies in Thailand, Mylène knew she wanted to share the practice in group settings.

Danya Blabla

Jaime and Anna

Jaime and Anna have been practicing Acroyoga together since 2015. Anna received her 100-hr Acroyoga Teaching Certification from Yoga Beyond in 2017 and Jaime received hers from Acroyoga Montreal the same year. Their teachings combine their love of movement, building community, and providing accessible and empowering practices to all their students. Their focus is on beginner practitioners, as their own journey of empowerment began when they started practicing acroyoga together.


Isabelle and Sebastien

Isabelle always loved being active. First a diver and coach in her teenage years, she fell in love with flying trapeze in 2015. Now she dedicate her practice to acroyoga. She will attend the Montreal Teacher training level this summer. Her new career as teacher gives her more free time during the summer. 

It’s through circus that Isabelle et Sébastien met each other. They train together twice a week when they don’t get injured. 


Becky and Sirus

Becky’s life has largely been rooted in communal living, dance, AcroYoga / partner acrobatics, yoga, time in wild nature, and sustainability. She is most passionate about the community formed around movement practices. 

Sirus is a former gymnast, current professor, and enthusiast for lifting heavy objects, Sirus favors technique, stability, and precision in all things, acro or not. An Acro Revolution-certified teacher, Sirus offers classes, workshops, and individual coaching in standing, dynamic, and L-base partner acrobatics, as well as handbalance, at Chicago Center for Dynamic Circus and Aloft Circus Arts in the Chicagoland area.

Danya Blabla

Robert and Mireille

Robert’s journey to yoga began in 2007 when he wanted to heal various injuries and increase flexibility while training in martial arts. While looking for a more challenging practice he was introduced to AcroYoga in 2012. After his first flight, he was instantly in love. Since then, he has become passionate about learning new techniques to help gain flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

Mireille’s training started as a classical ballet dancer and slowly evolved as a contortionist. But the background of her every accomplishment has always been her passion for personal growth and self-knowledge. Out of this passion grew her interest in acroyoga. Being an accomplished yogini, getting involved in AcroYoga was but a step away.



Sabrina loves the simple that enrich our daily lives. Well-being, yoga, ahimsa, personal development, eating fruits, the sun’s heat, and the outdoors are some of the elements that resonate with her. In 2015, on a trip 15000 km away from home, she found acroyoga, and her passion was ignited. She is fascinated with the learning possibilities in practice, including communication, confidence, and especially fun with play.



Travis loves to teach and learn and share all the ways in which acro has shaped Travis’s life. Safety, communication, and sharing trust lays a foundation for us to express ourselves. And Travis’ a clown. A total awkward goof on the inside and sometimes comes out on the outside. Awkward Safety Clown. Travis loves to play and to help people play more. And get to play more safely when taking things slow and listening. Technique and embodied listening are great to develop, so Travis shares that too. His strangest habit are throwing out jokes that don’t land at all but he’s still having a good time cause he thinks it’s funny!


Pierre - Luc

Authenticity is extremely important to Peanut Love Butter, AKA Pierre-Luc. He is a mover, a musician, and a singer. Il a commencé l’acro à Montréal avec Costa et Caro il y a environ 6 ans. 100% Québ. Le français c’est important. He is on a quest to find the utopian homehome somewhere on this planet.

Danya Blabla

Sarah and Etienne

Sarah is fascinated by the amazing diversity of practices that acroyoga offers. She loves the unique character of each acrobatic encounter, whether it brings a new movement, or underlines the strength and power of women, or inspires a creative flow. Sarah is a 200hr certified yoga teacher through Yandara Yoga in 2017, and has her Acroyoga certification from VanCityAcro in 2019. She loves sharing her passion at festivals in Montreal and around the world. 

Etienne has always loved teaching others about things he is passionate about. After coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for 4 years, he discovered Acro-Yoga and I now enjoys a much more calm and relaxed practice, with a vibrant, passionate and beautiful community.


Sariah and Reno

Reno and Sariah’s “friendship” was born from when they found each other 8 years ago at an acro jam in Sariah’s backyard. Ever since then they have been training, playing, creating, and bickering together as The Handstand Nation. It wasn’t until a 23andMe test just a few years ago that proved Sariah’s nagging hunch – they are distant relatives, tracing their heritage back to Gormanistan – a country with deep roots in acro and rich in cynicism. Just proves you can’t teach their kind of chemistry. You’re either born with it or you’re faking it. As proportionally strong mid-sized acrobats, they trade off roles of base/flyer often, and enjoy mixing L-base, standing, and creative movements into their acro. They teach as fast and live fast – you’re sure to get a lot of acro in from their classes, and they value playfulness more than boring, rigorous “training.” Reno and Sariah are based out of Sacramento CA.


Jodie and Kate

Jodie first found her love of flying through gymnastics and cheerleading. She then discovered Acroyoga as the perfect combination of movement, play, and teamwork. As a past gymnastics coach and teacher for Acroyoga Global, her classes will leave you with smiling faces and pointed toes. Her teaching style is focused on technique and fluidity. 

Kate is an experienced facilitator and yoga teacher. She loves bringing groups together to learn and play with intentionality. She is an AcroYoga Montreal Certified teacher. She believes in emphasis on informed consent, respecting personal boundaries and body neutrality. She likes to bring an element of play and fun into her classes so people feel free to be themselves and get creative and silly.

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