Jill Campbell

Jill sees VIVA as an extension of the Montreal Community and AcroYoga Montreal. Bringing people to meet Montreal is pure delight, and she pours energy into the event with the vision that it will be a positive and impactful experience for everyone who attends. It is one of her greatest joys to see people shine doing what they love, and VIVA is the manifestation of that!

Jami Leclerc - Web Designer

Jami loves helping awesome individuals and small businesses succeed by helping them communicate their brand and message online. He built this website to showcase all the benefits of this amazing festival, to allow you to find all the information you need and to easily buy tickets for the event.

Sebastien Florvil

Sebastien or Coco as he likes being called, has been passionate about AcroYoga for 5 years, and recently completed his teacher training in Vancouver. He attended VIVAcroyoga since its inception and decided to get involved.

Sarah Grimes - Volunteer coordinator

Fascinated by the profound variety acroyoga offers, Sarah particularly loves how each new partnership is unique and boundless, whether it leads to a new partner acrobatics skill, highlights female strength and power or inspires the creation of ingenious flows. For a second year, Sarah is delighted to facilitate Vivacroyoga’s volunteer program, fostering inclusion and community as a main values throughout the festival.

Diana Lam - Social Media Coordinator

Diana began her acroyoga journey in Ottawa, Ontario with a group of extremely fun and lovely monkeys. She then took her acro teacher training with Acro Revolution in 2014. Diana loves bringing friends up to her home base in Ottawa and has organized several guest teacher workshops for her local community. In her non-acro life, she teaches flute and was proud of organize several guest artists workshops for the local flute community as President of the Ottawa Flute Association from 2011-2014. Diana is excited to help spread the word about the awesomeness of VIVAcroyoga and can’t wait until the festival begins!

Alice Brand - Translator

Alice wishes to root herself long-term in the art of translating, of dancing with the world of words and thinking patterns which emerge from both the French and the English language. She has provided translation services for organisations like the Coyote Programs, a nature education based program; Concordia, during her time as a research assistant for Patrick Leroux on contempory circus; and for AcroYoga Montreal.

Melanie Sirois - Talent Night Coordinator

Mel has been dancing and acting for over 20 years, and has performed in various theater and film productions in Montreal and New York City. As a teacher Mel has spent thousands of hours helping individuals to uncover their intuition, to free their self-expression, and to celebrate their unique imagination, spontaneity and creative ‌intelligence. 

Joey Abbott - Talent Night Coordinator

Joey is passionate about movement in all its forms. He completed his yoga teacher training before discovering the wonders of acroyoga. Certified AcroYoga Montreal professor, he introduced this discipline to the college world by creating the first credited course of its kind. 

Sonia Landry - First Aid and Emergency Coordinator

Sonia grew up in the world of artistic gymnastics. She first studied contemporary dance and then completed a physiotherapy course. Passionate about biomecanics, she combines her knowledge of movement and anatomy to enter the world of Acroyoga. She immediatly fell in love with that new artform and completed her Montreal teacher training in 2016.
She adores playing, exploring, analysing and sharing her passion in a fun environment and through teaching, What she loves most about Acroyoga is the infinite possibilities of its practice!

Marie-Eve Fillion and Jamie Barry - Paradise Cafe Coordinators

Jamie lives to eat, before Jamming in parc Jarry, or at the tam-tam’s, he was in the kitchen. When he was little, he used to go strawberry picking with his mom and make strawberry jam for the whole year. Jamie spent the past 20 years cooking professionally in gourmet restaurants and studying the art and science of biochemistry, nutrition and Italian cuisine.

Marie-Eve loves to connect in acro-yoga and explore the various challenges acro-yoga offers. Marie-Eve prefers to teach acro-yoga with an open style, offering space for everyone to follow, but also lead their own practice through their own challenges and exploring their own boundaries. In her spare time, she’s a daily food critic for Jamie, making sure that Jamie’s always serving his A-game.

ABOUT PARADISE GARAGE Jamie and Marie-Eve were inspired by the music and heritage of the legendary Paradise Garage discotheque in NYC. This club bridged the diverse communities of New York City, and provided one place for everyone to party together. Similarly, the idea behind the Paradise Garage catering was to provide plant-based and nutrient-dense food for the best party in town Vivacroyga, and that can keep everyone fueled.

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