Acroyoga Festival in Montreal

June 21 to 25, 2018

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We are growing! There will be five full days of Acro and Acroyoga classes this year. Expect to be challenged physically and mentally by the material our stellar instructors will share.

Be sure to drink and eat healthily to keep yourself at the top of your game. Therapeutic classes will be offered and you will be encouraged to cool down and rest. We want our bodies to keep acro-ing well into our nineties!


The festival provides an intimate setting for people to meet. We have a limit of 100 participants, which means you’ll see familiar faces and get to know the way folks move and groove.

For the first time this year, we will have a Saturday night social event. Stay tuned for more details. Looking forward to dancing and laughing together!


Each lunch break there will be a studio space available for those wanting to jam, practice skills or learn new ones.

In the evenings we will meet at Jarry Park for jams into the night. The park is only a few blocks from the space.

Bring a ground cover or mat to set yourself up in style and comfort at the park or the studio.

Get to know our teachers

Ellio Blox

Ellio Blox has nourished a lifelong fascination for peering over edges and discovering footholds in the unlikeliest of places. A full-time world-traveling teacher with his company Blox Acrobatics, he offers highly intelligent teaching and a deep bag of tricks.

Danya Xena

Danya is the co-founded the Acro SuperHeroes and the Canadian Acro Intensive and founded both FemPower Acro and the SuperHero Circus Academy: Partner Acrobatics with a Social Justice Conscience. She is a full-time acroyoga instructor and has taught in over 100 communities in 7 different countries.

Jessie Goldberg & Eugene Poku

A teaching team since 1982, this senior married couple connects the dots between mind, body, breath and relationships. It is the sharing of self that touches the student’s heart, and the power of teaching is the ability to share the inner and outer body experience with their students.

Jill Campbell

Acroyoga shapes Jill’s life, and life shapes her Acroyoga practice. Through her work with AcroYoga Montreal, it has always been apparent to her that the practice belongs to each and every one of us. She loves to share stuff that works for her, and observe and relish in what works for you. Joy and focus are fundamental to her teaching and practice.

Become part of our community

“VIVAcroyoga was the most fun and intensive weekend-long training I’ve done to date! It was more physically demanding than I could have imagined, and it brought the most fun and talented teachers and students together! I came as an outsider to Montreal and was quickly and warmly welcomed in. I flew in early to do this training before the Acroyoga Montreal Teacher Training, and I’m so grateful I did so. It set me up for success and made me feel included in Montreal in ways I wasn’t expecting. Whenever my travels allow, I’ll definitely be coming back as often as I can!”

Travis Sigley

Berlin, Germany

“We had a great experience teaching at VIVAcroyoga! It was a melting pot of teachers, communities, and influences. The students were enthusiastic and supportive while working in their groups. There was great variety in the themes of the classes; we’ve never been to another event that has boasted so much creativity and diversity. What a wonderful way to enhance and encourage the larger acro community. We were honored to be a part of it – long live VIVAcroyoga!”

Diana Lam and Greg Clarke

Ottawa, Canada and Georgetown, Bahamas

“VIVAcroyoga was one of the most educational AcroYoga intensives I have ever attended. The classes were challenging and pushed me to that sweet spot between my strengths and just outside my comfort zone where I could flow — which lead to a lot of growth in just a few days. The best parts were the AcroYoga practitioners and teachers at the festival. I do not live in Canada full-time so it was a treat to meet so many dedicated practitioners who want to explore the creative possibilities of AcroYoga.”

Jan Dizon

Auckland, New Zealand

“Last year I volunteered at the VIVAcroyoga Festival and got to practice, exchange and learn
with an amazing group of people all weekend long! It was fun to gather with the
Montreal AcroYoga folks and also get to meet the other AcroYoga communities coming from
different places around Canada and the world. Not only are the festival teachers solid and skilled, they are also strong pillars in their respective AcroYoga communities. VIVAcroyoga is a safe, bilingual space to learn, make mistakes, play, laugh and connect with others. I’m looking forward to participating again in the future.

Émilie Tremblay

Montreal, Canada

Our Mission

VIVAcroyoga is a gathering geared toward bringing folks from the Acroyoga and Acro community together. Whether you are from Montreal, the surroundings or abroad, we will welcome you with open arms. For 3 years, we have been fostering fun and forming authentic training and social connections… in other words, you’re gonna train hard, laugh, make friends and have a blast!

Great teachers

The teachers and trainers invited to participate have an understanding of inclusion and pedagogy as well as being absolute expert technicians in what they are sharing. Each one is at the top of their game!

Safe Space

We work hard at ensuring our space is a safe and nurturing learning environment. We focus on the quality of practice and give time for progressions and skills to be integrated.


We strive to build community and friendships through compassionate, honest communication. You’ll make new friends, lift each other up and have an amazing time.


Each person has their own rhythm, style and strengths. We celebrate our differences as what unites us. Whether you are new or have been practicing for a while, you will find a place for you.

Ready to become part of our community?