Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the event?

Here is a list of some items to remember to make your VIVA experience awesome:

  • Water Bottle (water onsite from the tap, bring filtered if you prefer)
  • Snacks (there is a delicious cafe onsite during the main festival, and many little restaurants nearby)
  • Lunch (If you want to eat onsite)
  • Towel (If you have the tendency to sweat)
  • Change of Clothes (You may work hard and want to change into some clean dry clothes after a hard day)
  • A Yoga Mat and Sacral Wedge (We will have very few onsite so please take care of your back as the space during main festival is a hardwood floor)
  • Some Cash (There will be some fun swag on sale at the event, you can always use transfers and paypal too!)
  • A Hat (We may go outside depending on weather)
  • Sunscreen (Outside possible)
  • Notebook (If you like to take notes)
Do I need a partner?
Not at all! Partners are great, however, we work often in groups of three (or more). Expect to meet many people at the event. Of course, if you have a partner you like to work with, it’s fantastic that you both see the same material to either work together or remember and review together later.
Is there food onsite?

We will try to have some snacks and food onsite so bring some cash to enjoy. There are restaurants nearby, but bring snacks and a lunch if you prefer to stay onsite for the festival.

Can I pay onsite?
It is a good idea to reserve your spot before the event. The space does limit the number of participants possible at the festival. That said, if spots are still available, there will be options to pay onsite, either using our online payment system or in cash.
Is there parking onsite?

While there is parking on the streets nearby, it is often occupied. Parking is limited and arriving at the venue can be challening since Avenue Mont Royal is pedestrian during the summer and Montreal is notorious for having a lot of summer construction. We strongly advise you to take the metro or a bixi (public bike rental), or a bike to arrive. 

What if a class is too challenging or too easy for my abilities?
You are welcome to change classes within the first 15 minutes. We discourage switching after 15 minutes as warm ups and progressions specific to the content will have already been explored. Switching also disrupts the flow of groups. You are also welcome to ask your instructor for more preparatory versions of the material presented or intensifications.
What if I buy a ticket and then cannot attend?

2024: We will offer full refunds until May 31st. We will refund 50% from June 1st to June 9th. From June 10th on there will be no refunds offered. You are welcome to sell your ticket at any time and inform us of the switch so we can change the name on our participant list.

What if I want to volunteer?

We request approximately 6 hours of commitment in exchange for three days of festival or daylongs. If you want to join for the whole week we will request approximately 10 hours of commitment. Volunteer First Aid responders can come to all sessions. Our volunteer applications will open on February 1st for the 2024 festival. Stay tuned!

Are there vendors at the event?
If you have an awesome product that appeals to the acroyoga community or if you know of someone who does, please email the VIVAcroyoga team with a description of the product and we will try to get you a spot at the festival to sell your amazing stock!
How can I find lodging for the weekend?
Please post on the facebook event page if you are looking for a place to stay during the festival. Our community is very welcoming and we will do our best to find you a spot to rest your body and mind.
What are the covid guidelines?

The VIVAcroyoga event will adhere to local health guidelines. More information will be provided closer to the event. 

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