I loved the passion of the teachers and the variety of the sessions offered. The warm ups were always fun, grounding and energizing and there was ample opportunity to work with many different people on many different skills.

Thanks for organizing such an incredible event! I learned so much and met some amazing people.

Diana McLaren-Kennedy


Sunny Espace 215 studio did not give the impression of a full weekend stuck indoors, good quality of teachers who are attentive to participant questions and progression, good size of group for the space, good schedule structure, running reasonably on time, lots of smiles

Having a better idea of what each class is about ahead of time instead of the 30 seconds before the class in order to reflect on what we are most interested in and able to do, I felt rushed to pick without having a clear idea of the content. Coordination of content of classes - for example lots of Crocs in 4 different classes, intro to hand to hand given after progression to standing hand to hand (the skills learned in the 2nd would have been useful for the 1st class)

Thank you for the wonderful weekend!

Joelle Seguin



VIVA is a really interesting festival environment. It seems small and intimate because of the studio where most festival activities take place. Yet it seems big and expansive because the beautiful city of Montreal is the backdrop with some classes and incredible jams happening in the park near the studio.

In terms of the classes, there are fun, challenging classes for all practice levels and it seems that the most amazing acroyoga teachers are all at this festival, teaching and taking classes. And I don’t mean most amazing in terms of skill set, I mean they are the best type of humans - kind, encouraging, supportive and badass. And the students are just as amazing!

In 2019, I had the pleasure of teaching a class to beginners and it was such a great teaching experience that I would like to teach again as often as they’ll let me....haha. Come to VIVAand see for yourself!

I’ll see you there.

Vanessa Flores

Participant / Instructor, USA and Brazil

VIVA is *the* annual acroyoga event/gathering in Montreal, drawing talent from all over the world and offering a variety of inspiring workshops to any skill level.

Community values are directed towards consent, inclusiveness and playfulness, helping to create an uplifting and heartwarming experience.

I love this event and am grateful to be a part of it!

Byron Hardie

Instructor, Montreal


“Vivacroyoga was the most fun and intensive weekend-long training I’ve done to date! It was more physically demanding than I could have imagined, and it brought the most fun and talented teachers and students together! I came as an outsider to Montreal and was quickly and warmly welcomed in. I flew in early to do this training before the Acroyoga Montreal Teacher Training, and I’m so grateful I did so. It set me up for success and made me feel included in Montreal in ways I wasn’t expecting. Whenever my travels allow, I’ll definitely be coming back as often as I can!”
Travis Sigley

Berlin, Germany

“Vivcroyoga was one of the most educational Acroyoga intensives I have ever attended. The classes were challenging and pushed me to that sweet spot between my strengths and just outside my comfort zone where I could flow — which lead to a lot of growth in just a few days. The best parts were the Acroyoga practitioners and teachers at the festival. I do not live in Canada full-time so it was a treat to meet so many dedicated practitioners who want to explore the creative possibilities of Acroyoga.”
Jan Dizon

Auckland, New Zealand

“We had a great experience teaching at Vivacroyoga! It was a melting pot of teachers, communities, and influences. The students were enthusiastic and supportive while working in their groups. There was great variety in the themes of the classes; we’ve never been to another event that has boasted so much creativity and diversity. What a wonderful way to enhance and encourage the larger acro community. We were honored to be a part of it – long live Vivacroyoga!”
Diana Lam and Greg Clarke

Ottawa, Canada and Georgetown, Bahamas

Last year I volunteered at the Vivacroyoga Festival and got to practice, exchange and learn
with an amazing group of people all weekend long! It was fun to gather with the
Montreal AcroYoga folks and also get to meet the other AcroYoga communities coming from
different places around Canada and the world. Not only are the festival teachers solid and skilled, they are also strong pillars in their respective AcroYoga communities. Vivacroyoga is a safe, bilingual space to learn, make mistakes, play, laugh and connect with others. I’m looking forward to participating again in the future.

Emilie Tremblay

Montreal, Canada

I had a great time last year during my first Vivacroyoga adventure. Jill Campbell, the event organizer, did a phenomenal job of providing a star lineup of teachers at a convenient and lovely location in Montreal. I found the material covered was fun yet challenging for AcroYogis of all different backgrounds and skill levels.The three days I spent at the festival transformed my AcroYoga practice through the use of thoughtful movement, innovative poses, and inspiring games & activities. Granted the best part of it all was the sense of community and trust cultivated throughout the event. I was truly happy to have made so many likeminded friends. I thoroughly look forward to going back!
Alan Rada

Baton Rouge, USA

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