Our Story

VIVAcroyoga began as Fete Nationale in 2015. That was the inception year and it was very casual. We had a full packed day with 10 short format classes. Folks came from Ottawa, Quebec City and Burlington and we had many participants from the Montreal area.

The next year it was two days at the park and as the years passed, we decided to formalize the event with ticket pre-sales and an actual venue in case of rain! We also added pre and post-fest daylongs.

VIVAcroyoga continues to grow. After two years on pause we are rebooting with a 5-day program and a more locally focused menu of teaching talent. This year we aim to do what VIVA stands for: build and nurture our community!

VIVA grows every year in its dedication to holding a space that fosters inclusion and communication. We keep adding value to our gathering and are pleased to announce the introduction of humanity skills into programming. Every class taught will have a physical theme paired with a humanity skill, which can include communication topics, self-assessment, cooperation techniques, adaptation for inclusion, holding space for rejection, consent, and beyond. The humanities are all of the tools we can use to make our acroyoga practice functional, enjoyable, and respectful and lead us into a more heightened awareness of our practice and those practicing with us.

VIVAcroyoga boasts:

  • A limited number of participants to foster Quality over quantity of Connection during the event
  • Stellar, Experienced Teachers (some of the best worldwide)
  • A Commitment in every class to the VIVA values, a list of Guidelines to foster a Safe and Inclusive Training environment
  • An emotional support team available to all participants and instructors
  • Skills and Tricks to challenge every level of Practitioner, from newbies to veterans
  • A Top Notch First Aid Team
  • Discussions to raise Social Awareness and the understanding of Power Dynamics within our community
  • A Fun and Focused Atmosphere with room to Grow!

We are happy to be building this one of a kind event in the Acroyoga and Acro World.
Welcome home!

Our Values

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