Travis Sigley

Travis has been an acroyoga fanatic since discovering it in 2008. His love for acro is rooted in rediscovering childlike play, platonic touch, trust building, and embodiment. As an AcroYoga Montreal certified teacher, he loves to teach creative process and his own strange sequences.

Travis co-founded the acro style “Awkroyoga,” aka awkward acroyoga, which embraces the odd and uncomfortable space that comes when trying something new. Long before we find strong, perfect lines, we have to move through many awkward moments. What happens when we move towards the awkwardness, laughing all along the way?

What truly inspires him is combining a playful demeanor with a mindfulness on technique and caring for the body. This is his formula for sustainable joy.


The full schedule, as well as the details of the workshops, will be announced in the future. Stay tuned!