Travis Sigley

I started practicing acroyoga in San Francisco back in January of 2009. I quickly fell in love with it and it’s become a staple in my life since. I’ve become a Level 2 certified teacher with AcroYoga Montreal, focusing on creativity in movement. I’ve also received my teaching certification through Partner Acrobatics, focusing more on standing acrobatics and “prehab” practices that he brings into his classes. With all of that and his background as a dancer, I focus on helping students find a sense of ease in movement to pave the way for self expression. My main goal is creating a sense of community whose individuals can all support each other in their mutual growth. I co-conspired to create “Awkroyoga” which is what I’d love to teach again at Viva, as a playful way of inspiring the creative process to come alive, and habits of self-judgment to soften and ideally fade away.