Jill Campbell

Jill has been practicing Acroyoga since 2005 and became intimately involved with Acroyoga Montreal (Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku) circa 2009. She has assisted or co-taught 10 teacher trainings so far. She finds deep solace in the vision and principles of AYM, the practice being founded on creativity, inclusion and communication.

In 2010 she began collaborating with her long-term acro partner, Miss Heidi Blais, known for her fierceness as a practitioner and her creativity and precision as a thinker. Together, the two travel the world teaching a unique style of Acroyoga that provides a full body experience for participants and focuses on awareness and breath in movement and skills. She also works in partnership with many other talented folks and loves to collaborate.

Their teachings have taken them far from Montreal and VIVAcroyoga is Jill’s vision, or way, of supporting and giving back to her local community, fellow teachers, and budding and experienced practitioners.
She hopes this festival will uphold the high standards her teachers have built-in setting the space for creation, play, training, and the hard work… the work of being human.