Christine Moonbeam

Christine is co-founder of LIFT School of Acrobatics, Coach at Pitch Catch Circus, a RYT 200 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Iowa. She began studying dance & tumbling and teaching at an early age and competed throughout the country in all disciplines earning numerous accolades & awards.

For the past 4 years she has been studying partner acrobatics and handstands with Dutch teachers, sports acro coaches, and circus coaches in the US and Europe. Her handstand training has been most influenced by coaches, Jean Luc Martin from the San Diego Circus Center, Yuval Ayalon of “Yuval on Hands” and Sainna from the London School of Handbalancing.

Christine’s more than 20 years of training and teaching have given her a well developed eye for alignment and movement, and her ability to give skillful and compassionate feedback leads to student success. She is an advocate of acro as an inclusive, artistic co-creation that develops practitioners through healthy relationship and dedication to empowering each other in their role.