Get Your Tickets!

At VIVAcroyoga we believe firmly that participation should not be prohibited by finances. We acknowledge that there are various forms of systemic oppression that result in economic disparity. Our ticket prices are on a sliding scale based on your economic and social position. The following guidelines can help you determine which price is appropriate for you to pay:


$$$$ – You have a steady income, are a professional, or have economic freedom. You can eat out several times per week and take two or more vacations per year.

$$$ – You have a job and some financial flexibility. You can afford to eat out on occasion and perhaps take a vacation once per year.

$$ – You identify as a student, an artist, a gig worker, or someone with an unstable employment status.

$ – You are from a marginalized group, BIPOC, or visible minority, and while you may or may not have economic struggles, the acroyoga space may represent an uncomfortable or unsafe environment.


We also offer scholarships and the option to volunteer in exchange for participation. See all the details below.

Sliding scale pricing is offered to mitigate financial barriers to entry that you and members of our community may experience.  

Volunteer at VIVAcroyoga in exchange for a FULL WEEKEND PASS! Applications to volunteer are open until May 1st. Sign up HERE

Scholarships are available if sliding scale options and volunteering are not possibilities for you. Please note that scholarships are prioritized for visible minorities, marginalized groups, and underrepresented identities in the Acro community. Contact [email protected] for more information.