Our Story

Vivacroyoga began three years ago as a one-day gathering at Parc Lafontaine. That was the inception year and it was very casual. We had a full packed day with 10 short format classes. Folks came from Ottawa, Quebec City and Burlington and we had many participants from the Montreal area.

The next year it was two days at the park and last year we decided to formalize the event with ticket pre-sales and an actual venue in case of rain! We also added a Post festival daylong with Danya Xena.

Happy to report, as you can see, that this year we have added another day, making this event 5 full days and certainly worth traveling for! The Pre-fest with Ellio Blox and Post-fest with Danya Xena complete the three-day weekend schedule in style.

The driving force behind the festival is Jill Campbell, but many volunteers have helped build the past years’ events. Her vision is simply to create an event to bring the Montreal community together and then expose us all to skills we train less frequently. She is happy to welcome you all again for this year’s, better than ever, Vivacroyoga!

Our Values

Great teachers

The teachers and trainers invited to participate have an understanding of inclusion and pedagogy as well as being absolute expert technicians in what they are sharing. Each one is at the top of their game!

Safe Space

We work hard at ensuring our space is a safe and nurturing learning environment. We focus on the quality of practice and give time for progressions and skills to be integrated.


We strive to build community and friendships through compassionate, honest communication. You’ll make new friends, lift each other up and have an amazing time.


Each person has their own rhythm, style and strengths. We celebrate our differences as what unites us. Whether you are new or have been practicing for a while, you will find a place for you.

Our Team

Jill Campbell

Jill has been practicing Acroyoga since 2005 and became intimately involved with Acroyoga Montreal (Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku) circa 2009. She has assisted or co-taught 10 teacher trainings so far. She finds deep solace in the vision and principles of AYM, the practice being founded on creativity, inclusion and communication.

In 2010 she began collaborating with her long-term acro partner, Miss Heidi Blais, known for her fierceness as a practitioner and her creativity and precision as a thinker. Together, the two travel the world teaching a unique style of Acroyoga that provides a full body experience for participants and focuses on awareness and breath in movement and skills. She also works in partnership with many other talented folks and loves to collaborate.

Their teachings have taken them far from Montreal and VIVAcroyoga is Jill’s vision, or way, of supporting and giving back to her local community, fellow teachers, and budding and experienced practitioners.

She hopes this festival will uphold the high standards her teachers have built-in setting the space for creation, play, training, and the hard work… the work of being human.

Sebastien Florvil

Sebastien or Coco as he likes being called, has been passionate about AcroYoga for 5 years, and recently completed his teacher training in Vancouver. He attended VIVAcroyoga since its inception and decided to get involved.

Jami Leclerc - Web Designer

Jami loves helping awesome individuals and small businesses succeed by helping them communicate their brand and message online. He built this website to showcase all the benefits of this amazing festival, to allow you to find all the information you need and to easily buy tickets for the event.

Sarah Grimes - Volunteer coordinator

Fascinated by the profound variety acroyoga offers, Sarah particularly loves how each new partnership is unique and boundless, whether it leads to a new partner acrobatics skill, highlights female strength and power, or inspires the creation of ingenious flows. For a second year, Sarah is delighted to facilitate Vivacroyoga’s volunteer program, fostering inclusion and community as a main values throughout the festival.

Alice Brand - Translator

Alice wishes to root herself long-term in the art of translating, of dancing with the world of words and thinking patterns which emerge from both the French and the English language. She has provided translation services for organisations like the Coyote Programs, a nature education based program; Concordia, during her time as a research assistant for Patrick Leroux on contempory circus; and for AcroYoga Montreal.

Melanie Sirois - Talent Night Coordinator

Mel has been dancing and acting for over 20 years, and has performed in various theater and film productions in Montreal and New York City. Mel has also produced, directed, and created 4 full length multidisciplinary shows including her one woman show “7 The Root Of Self” which was featured at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2015. As a teacher Mel has spent thousands of hours helping individuals to uncover their intuition, to free their self-expression, and to celebrate their unique imagination, spontaneity and creative ‌intelligence. She has worked in Universities, festivals, private studios, and on film sets.

Joey Abbott - Talent Night Coordinator

Joey is passionate about movement in all its forms. Whether jiu jitsu, dance, climbing, or yoga, he is always looking to learn new things. He completed his yoga teacher training before discovering the wonders of acroyoga. With a Bachelor of Physical Education from McGill and a Masters of Education from the University of Ottawa, Joey teaches movement and healthy living at Vanier College. Certified AcroYoga Montreal professor, he introduced this discipline to the college world by creating the first credited course of its kind. He likes puns, magos, and guitar.

Diana Lam - Social Media Coordinator

Sonia Landry - First Aid and Emergency Coordinator

Marie-Eve Fillion - Onsite Cafe Coordinator

Ready to become part of our community?